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Protein Block (PB)

PB letter PB structure1 PB Description2
a N-cap β
b N-cap β
c N-cap β
d β
e C-cap β
f C-cap β
g mainly coil
h mainly coil
i mainly coil
j nainly coil
k N-cap α
l N-cap α
m α
n C-cap α
o C-cap α
p C-cap α


  [1]   de Brevern, A.G. (2005) New assessment of a structural alphabet. In Silico Biol. 5:26.

  [2]   de Brevern,A.G., Etchebest,C and Hazout,S. (2000) Bayesian probabilistic approach for predicting backbone structures in terms of protein blocks. Protein s, 41, 271-287.

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