PredictFold - 3D1D
Developed by K. Ganesan and S. Parthasarathy*
Dept. of Bioinformatics, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli 620 024, India
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The PredictFold-3D1D is a fold recognition server based on a method similar to that of Bowie et. al. (1991)[1] for comparing the results of the PredictFold PSS-3D1D method.

Click here to use the PredictFold 3D1D Server To compare results with a method similar to Bowie [1]

Click here to use the PredictFold PSS-3D1D server[2] - Improved 3D1D profile method.

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Click here to sample amino acid sequence to check 3D1D server.


[1] Bowie JU, Luthy R & Eisenberg D (1991) A method to identify protein sequences that fold into a known three-dimensional structure. Science, 253, 164-169.

[2] Ganesan K & Parthasarathy S (2011) PSS-3D1D: An improved 3D1D profile method of protein fold recognition for the annotation of twilight zone sequences.J. Struct. Funct. Genomics, 12(4), 181-189.

[3] Ganesan K & Parthasarathy S (2013) PredictFold-PSS-3D1D: A Protein Fold Recognition Server for Predicting Folds from the Twilight Zone Sequences. Current Bioinformatics. 8(5):552-556.

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