PredictSuperFam - PSS-3D1D

(Applicable for Twilight Zone Protein Sequences)

Developed by K. Muthuvel Prasath1 K. Ganesan2 and S. Parthasarathy3*
1&3Dept. of Bioinformatics, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli 620 024, India
2Department of Biotechnology,IIT Madras, Chennai 600 036, India
* For correspondence


The PredictSuperFam PSS-3D1D is a fold recognition server based on Protein Secondary Structure and 3D1D Profiles. This method uses protein secondary structure information to improve the fold recogntion of the method suggested by Bowie et. al. (1991)[1]. Our method predicts the superfamily efficiently for 'Twilight Zone' Protein sequences.

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Please Cite
Muthuvel Prasath K, Ganesan K & Parthasarathy S (2020) PredictSuperFam-PSS-3D1D: A server for predicting superfamily for the annotation of twilight zone sequences. Journal of Structural Biology 210(2): 107479.

Further Reference
[1] Ganesan K & Parthasarathy S (2011) PSS-3D1D: An improved 3D1D profile method of protein fold recognition for the annotation of twilight zone sequences. J. Struct. Funct. Genomics. 12(4):181-189.

[2] Bowie JU, Luthy R & Eisenberg D (1991) A method to identify protein sequences that fold into a known three-dimensional structure. Science, 253, 164-169.

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